The Computational Biology and Systems Biology Pole (“PBCS” stands for “Pólo de Biologia Computacional e Sistemas) is a project proposed in 2009 by the Division of Research, Development and Innovation in Functional Genomics (area 10) of the Instituto Oswaldo Cruz, Fiocruz




Research, technological development and innovation in computational biology and systems aligned with the priorities of the Ministry of Health and the National Biotechnology Strategy.




1. Genomic epidemiology and taxonomy
2. Bioprospecting Metagenomics
3. Biodiversity
4. Nanotechnology and Synthetic Biology
5. Systems Development of databases and software for computational biology and systems


More information available at http://www.pbcs.fiocruz.br


PBCS presentation at the “Functional Genomics” workshop, Fiocruz (november 2010):