International Workshop on Genomic Databases (IWGD´05)

November, 10-11, 2005

Instituto Militar de Engenharia

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Many bioinformatics projects use a set of chained software packages, which produce and consume a significant amount of data. Besides accessing distributed public databases, most projects also maintain their data in local files or, most often, in databases. They usually constitute independent initiatives leading to redundant efforts and proprietary solutions, which lack standard formats and terminology, making interoperability with other resources a hard task. In order to address this issue, general database schemas capable of storing a comprehensive scope of genomic information for a wide range of interests have been proposed. GUS and CHADO are the most relevant initiatives for this purpose. Although many projects in areas such as Genomics, Post-genomics and Bioinformatics have been supported by government agencies in Brazil, there is still little discussion on standards, interoperability and integration issues. Besides, as the number of bioinformatics projects grows, new data management issues emerge, such as projects and experiments management, workflow support to programs executions,  ontology driven querying and resource integration, data mediation and distribution, data provenance, data mining, etc.

The IWGD is one of the first workshops to be organized in Brazil focusing on genomic databases. It is organized by the BiowebDB consortium ( and it is intended to bring together researchers working on issues related to designing, managing, integrating, accessing and exploring genomic databases, giving them the opportunity to present and to discuss their research in a constructive and motivating atmosphere.

Conference Venue

Circulo Militar Club
It is located by the beach, next to IME-RJ University, which is next to the Sugar Loaf ("Pão de Açucar") access up.
Address: Praça General Tiburcio s/n, Praia Vermelha (on the far right, inside the military complex), Urca

Transportation Bus: 107 from downtown, 512 from Ipanema and Copacabana
Phone 021/2295-6079

The best view of the Sugarloaf comes from Circulo Militar. From the tree-shaded patio of this military club, you look out across Praia Vemelha and a
tiny bay full of fishing boats to the sheer solid sides of the "Pão de Açucar" (Sugarloaf). In the evening you also get the lights of Niteroi twinkling far off
across the waters of Guanabara Bay.

Topics of Interest

The workshop seeks to provide a forum for these topics of interest, but not limited to:

Biological Databases

Biological Data Integration

Biological Data Mining

Biological Data Visualization

Biological Information Extraction and  Retrieval

Biological Knowledge Bases

Biological Knowledge Representation and Inference


Biological Data Distribution

Biological Knowledge Discovery and Learning

Molecular Sequence Databases

Phylogeny Databases

Organization of the Workshop



Thursday Nov, 10

Friday, Nov 11

08:00 - 09:00

Welcome +Registration+ Poster Fixation


09:00 - 10:30

Invited Talk I 

Alex Bateman (The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute)

 Pfam: 8,000 families for the molecular biologist

Invited Talk IV 

Michael Saffitz (University of Pennsylvania)- 

GUS: The Genomics Unified Schema and Application Framework


Coffee break

Coffee break

11:00 - 12:30

Invited Talk II

Allen Day (UCLA)  

DAS/2: The Distributed Annotation System

Invited Talk V 

Louiqa Raschid 

Answering queries efficiently in large life science graphs

12:30 - 14:00



14:00 - 15:30


Invited Talk VI  

Steve Searle (The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute)
Recent Developments in the EnsEMBL Annotation System

15:30 - 16:00

Coffee break 

Coffee break 

16:00 - 17:30

Sergei Mekhedov - (NCBI / NLM / NIH)

Clustering analyses of eukaryotic proteomes


17:30 - 19:00




Poster Submission 

This workshop submission is by invitation only. Authors are invited to submit original, unpublished research work for a poster session to "davila AT" with the subject "IWGD 2005". English is the workshop official language. To present a poster at the workshop, authors must submit an abstract (*.RTF format) on the topic or theme to be discussed. Abstracts should use Times New Roman 12 fonts and be no longer than 2 A4 pages (1 inch to each margin), where:

1st page will contain only:
Title of the abstract
Authors and their filiation
Body of the abstract

2nd page will contain only:

References should follow the BMC Bioinformatics format (examples available at: All authors who present their posters at the workshop will have their abstracts published on the conference Web site. All posters will be displayed at the begining of the workshop

IWGD poster session provides space on a poster board that is 1.20m wide and 1.80m high. If you are sizing your poster for a use other than a conference poster session of for easy transportation, you can set the dimensions to any size you like. Just remember that you will be able to print single-sheet posters up to 1.18m wide and 1.78m high.


Invited speakers will be accomodated at the Visconti Residence Service hotel [ English ] [ Portugues]. Its phone number is: +55 21 2176-3371. All hotel reservations must be done by participants. Additional information about Ipanema is available here [ English ]


Will be done "on-site",  on Thursday Nov, 10.

Students - R$ 50 (Brazilian Reais, ~US$ 20)
Professionals/Researchers - R$ 100 (Brazilian Reais, ~US$ 40)

Important Dates 

Abstract submission deadline - October, 31st 2005

Notification to authors - November 4th 2005

Workshop Chairs

Alberto Dávila, FIOCRUZ RJ, Brazil, davila AT

Marta Mattoso, COPPE Sistemas - UFRJ, Brazil, marta AT

Organizing Committee

Maria Luiza Campos, DCC/NCE; UFRJ, Brazil, mluiza AT

Guilherme de Oliveira, FIOCRUZ MG, Brazil oliveira AT

Maria Claudia Cavalcanti, IME RJ, Brazil, yoko AT

Milton Moraes, IOC/FIOCRUZ, Brazil, mmoraes AT

Supported by:

Fogarty International Center

Oswaldo Cruz Foundation

Banco do Brasil