Instructions to submit abstracts

Authors are invited to submit original, unpublished research work in the form of abstracts. Accepted abstracts will be presented in the poster session. Abstracts should be sent to davila AT with the subject "IWGD 2010". English is the workshop official language. To present a poster at the workshop, authors must submit an abstract (*.RTF format) on the topic or theme to be discussed.Abstracts should use Times New Roman 12 fonts and be no longer than 2 A4 pages (1 inch to each margin), where:

1st page will contain only:
Title of the abstract
Authors and their filiation
Body of the abstract
2nd page will contain only:


References should follow the BMC Bioinformatics format (examples available
at: All
authors who present their posters at the workshop will have their abstracts
published on the conference Web site. All posters will be displayed at the
beginning of the workshop

IWGD poster session provides space on a poster board that is 1.20m wide and
1.80m high. If you are sizing your poster for a use other than a conference
poster session or for easy transportation, you can set the dimensions to any
size you like. Just remember that you will be able to print single-sheet
posters up to 1.18m wide and 1.78m high.


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