International Workshop on Genomic Databases IWGD'10

The IWGD'10 is the third edition of the successful International Workshop on Genomic Databases one of the main workshops to be organized in Brazil focusing on genomic databases. It is organized by the BiowebDB consortium and it is intended to bring together researchers working on issues related to designing, managing, integrating, accessing and exploring genomic databases, giving them the opportunity to present and to discuss their research in a constructive and motivating atmosphere. Co-located with the Brazilian Symposium on Bioinformatics

Accepted abstracts

Oral (10 min) presentations (ranked by anonymous ad hoc):

Semantic Web application for the repositioning of drugs for neglected diseases caused by protozoans
Rodrigo Jardim∗1,3, Pablo N. Mendes∗2, Alberto M. R. D ́avila∗1,3and Amit P. Sheth2

A Data Warehouse for the Selection of Drug Targets aiming at Tropical Diseases Combat
Kele T Belloze1, Maria Claudia Cavalcanti2, Floriano P Silva-Jr1

Exploring GO term definitions to enhance automatic annotation of molecular function
Linair Maria Campos2, Miguel Gabriel Prazeres de Carvalho1, Maria Luiza de Almeida Campos2, Vanessa Braganholo1, Maria Luiza Machado Campos1

Ontology in genomic and proteomic experiments: Which reference list?
Cristóbal Fresno¹, Andrea S Llera² ³, María Romina Girotti² ³, Osvaldo Podhajcer² ³, Mónica G Balzarini² ⁴, Federico Prada⁵, Elmer A Fernández¹ ²

pLIMS: an innovative approach to manage and analyze 2D/1D protein gel electrophoresis experiments for collaborative projects
Edson Luiz Folador1, Renata Binato3, Pedro Neves1, Stephany Corrêa3, Gabriel Renaud1, Carlos G. Ferreira2, Eliana Abdelhay3, Fabio Passetti1§


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